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How would you feel if your yearly salary is $40,593? No, it’s not a joke. Graphics designers around the globe are paid in such rate. And, there is the enormous source of freelancing as well. If you are thinking where you can go through a graphics design course in Dhaka, Website Solutions is here for you. Graphics designing is considered an artistic visual communication process. People also call it communication design. Graphic designers combine word, image, and pictures to form a lucrative visual presentation for the client. They use different graphic design software for it. Most common graphic design softwares are Serif Draw Plus, Corel Draw Home & Student Suite, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Xara and Serif Photo Plus. Graphics designing is the raising favorite profession for people with enthusiasm and creativity.

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Our graphics design course in Dhaka is designed by professional with practical experience of working as a graphics designer. Most of our trainers are renowned freelancers. They will not only train graphics design but also will show your track to go on. Once you complete our course, we are gladly offering any additional assistance you require on this course and your career free of cost. Our course layout is conveniently designed for all. Our fifteen scheduled sessions and its contents are always available in our site for student’s convenience. To ensure quality, we are taking maximum 9 students per batch. And, only one batch at a time. Don’t be late to book your seat in our graphics design course in Dhaka.

[CS] Creative Graphics Design

Course Fee and Schedules

  • Course Fee: BDT 15,000
  • Special Offer: BDT 12,000
  • Course Duration: 1.5 Months
  • Total Session: 15 X (2.5 Hours)
    • Batch No- "CGD-10" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Sat, Mon, Wed
    • Class Time: 10am to 12:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (4 Seat Remaining)
    • Batch No- "CGD-11" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Sun, Tue, Thu
    • Class Time: 10am to 12:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (7 Seat Remaining)
  • Click to see Instructors Details
  • Phone Number
    Hotline: +880 1991 660 550Hotline: +880 1991 660 550
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Our Course Outline of Creative Graphic Design

– Introduction of Graphic Design.
– Graphic Design Tools.
– What is Photoshop.
– Photoshop Basic.
– Brush Tool.
– Healing tool.
– Crop Tool.
– Stamp/clone Tool.
– Pen tool.
– Paint bucket tool.
– Gradient tool.
– Sharpen tool.
– Smudge tool.
– Burn,Dodge and Sponge tool.
– Mask tool.
– text tool.
– Shape tool.
– Photoshop Effects.
– Gradient effect.
– Stroke.
– shadow effect.
– Filter.
– blur effect.
– Banner Design.
– Photo Scripting.
– Photo Retouching.
– Photoshop Texture.
– Layout Design.
– Special effects.
– Web Graphic design.
– What is Illustrator.
– Getting started with illustrator.
– Drawing basic shapes.
– Drawing with pen tool.
– Using Brushes.
– Creating Compound paths.
– Working with color & strokes.
– Editing objects, Layers & groups.
– Transparency & Graphic Style.
– Using the symbol tool.
– Photo-realism with Gradient Mesh.
– Blending Shapes & colors.
– Basic text.
– Transforming & Moving objects.
– R & D Theory.
– Idea creation theory.
– Creative brief Concept.
– Press ads Concept.
– Different between Logo & Mnemonics.
– Flyer Concept.
– Banner Concept.
– Copyright Concept.
– Backdrop Concept.
– Exam (Based on previous sessions).
– Color communication.
– Standard – strategy maintenance theory.
– Creative meaning find-out theory.
– Brush creation & maintenance Concept.
– Frame creating for digital marketing.
– Exam (Based on previous sessions).
– Branding Concept (identity,office,car,truck,pickup,van,etc)
– What not to design.
– Exam (Based on previous sessions).
– Fine tune/proof reading Theory.
– Printing output.
– Difference between web & graphic design.
– Exam (Based on previous sessions).
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