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Outsourcing training in Dhaka

Outsourcing training has been going on for quite a few years. It also proves that the world is full of competition today. Once upon a time, if an employee was unsuccessful in getting their work done, the agency easily hired someone else from outside their company. Any experts out there could easily grab this work for money. This practice is called outsourcing, where the worker gets paid for a particular project and the work temporary. Outsourcing training basically started after the industrial revolution, where the companies applied it in their company policies for their own benefit. Mainly tasks like e-commerce development, professional graphics design, tasks related to SEO, web application development, creative writing, social media marketing (SMM) etc. are basically needed for outsourcing. With all these, we offer outsourcing training in Dhaka.

Freelancer is the term used for that self-employed person who took the job on his own. A freelancer is someone who does not work for a particular company full-time. Based on his skills, different companies can hire him for different jobs, at any time he is available. All this happens online, mainly through some websites.

Freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancing in Bangladesh is something which has been developing consistently over the last few years, both on a national and international platform. The best proof for this is the interest of government to build resources with an aim to support this increasing amount of freelancers in Bangladesh, especially in the IT sector. We encourage this opportunity by developing outsourcing training in Dhaka.

[CS] Freelancing Workshop Schedules

Upcoming Schedules

  • Participation Fee: 200 Taka
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    • Workshop ID - OFT-20
    • Date: 31 Mar, 2017 (Friday)
    • Time: 3:30pm to 8pm
    • Seats: 12(Remaining 0 seats)
    • Workshop ID - OFT-21
    • Date: 21 Apr, 2017 (Friday)
    • Time: 3:30pm to 8pm
    • Seats: 6(Remaining 4 seats)
  • Place: House#13, Road#10, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka - 1229
  • Phone Number
    Hotline: +880 1991 660 550Hotline: +880 1991 660 550
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Freelancing in Bangladesh is like a golden opportunity, which emerged not too long ago.Presently, Bangladeshi freelancers make up 12% of the world’s total freelancer population. So, the world is beginning to trust our skills as well. Getting paid inside anywhere in Bangladesh is also a piece of cake today, with Payoneer, bKash and other payout services like Trans pay stepping in. Freelancers’ earned money can be transferred into their bank account very easily.

Outsourcing Training in Dhaka

Every champion has an experienced coach behind him. Before doing any work, one needs to develop the knowledge about it. Thus,we are offering outsourcing training in Dhaka. Everything related to outsourcing is covered in our course. The course to know about freelancing is charge-free. We will introduce everything related to freelancing in Bangladesh, through outsourcing training. We have knowledge on how to earn money in Bangladesh with the help of freelancing.

Our aim is to improve outsourcing training in Dhaka. We will not only make you realize that yes, freelancing can be a career option, but will also help you to learn the basics of it. Everything like creating freelancer profile, techniques of bidding online, handling project professionally and technically and many more things will be covered by us. We also provide Magento Development, responsive web design, WordPress Development including other courses. This outsourcing training in Dhaka is all about giving you the proper knowledge regarding freelancing which is both interesting and practical.

Anyone interested for

outsourcing training in Dhaka

is welcomed to visit us or Contact us once and check it themselves. Our trainers are professional, who also have the wish of establishing strong

freelancing in Bangladesh

with this outsourcing training in Dhaka.

Our Freelancing and Outsourcing workshop’s topics given below

  • Introduction to Outsourcing
  • Creating perfect Freelancer Profile
  • Findout the Appropriate Work/Job
  • Facing Successful Interview
  • Achieve Client Satisfaction
  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • Category Selection based on skills
  • Writing an Effective Cover Letter
  • Complete Hiring process
  • The Payment Method system
  • Freelancing Market Places
  • Skill test technique & retake system
  • Successful Bidding Techniques
  • Handle project professionally
  • Manage Reviews and Ratings
Workshop Schedules
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About our Instructor for Freelancing and Outsourcing Workshop

Freelancing and Outsourcing training in Dhaka

BASIS Outsourcing Award- 2015

We are arranging the best Freelancing and Outsourcing Training in Dhaka city by experienced professional freelancers. People are getting help about proper planning to develop their skills and go to the outsourcing marketplaces. There are many Successful Freelancer instructors in our team. So don’t miss the opportunity to learn Outsourcing / freelancing from a professional freelancer.

At this moment, Md. Sabur Khan is our instructor for Freelancing / Outsourcing free Workshop. He is an experienced freelancer and a winner of BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015. You can see more details about Md. Sabur Khan here. Hope he will able to give proper directions to start work through freelancing marketplaces.

Our seats are limited. If you have any query or interested to join our FREE Outsourcing Workshop then Click Here to contact us as soon as possible to book your seat. You can also see our more professional courses below to improve your skills before start freelancing.

Some successful freelancer in our team

Md. Sabur Khan
Md. Sabur KhanMagento Expert
Md. Sabur Khan is a Magento based eCommerce website developer and successful freelancer. View Profile
Zahidur Rahman
Zahidur RahmanCakePHP & Laravel Expert
Zahidur Rahman is our experienced PHP, Cakephp and Laravel developer. He is also a professional successful freelancer. View Profile
Md. Al Amin
Md. Al AminPHP & WordPress Expert
Md. Al Amin is one of our PHP expert. He also very well in WordPress Magento Development. View Profile
Pronaya Sarker
Pronaya SarkerWordPress & SEO Expert
Pronaya Kumar Sarker is one of our experienced WordPress developer and successful freelancer. View Profile
Md. Salim Sazzad
Md. Salim SazzadeCommerce Expert
Salim Sazzad is one of our Magento Developer. He is very good in responsive web design and successful as a freelancer. View Profile
Md. Gulam Saruar
Md. Gulam SaruarJoomla Developer
Gulam Saruar is an expert in Joomla and WordPress based website development and successful freelancer. View Profile
Click here to see all of our team members
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