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Generally SEO is the known as the process affecting the visualization of a website or page in the unpaid search of a search engine. It is more commonly known as the organic result. And, the larger number of visitors come the more will be the site preference in the search engine. That why people are so much concerned about SEO today. With the intention of supporting their quest we are introducing SEO training in Dhaka. The concept of SEO (search engine optimization) started in the mid-1990s. In the present context, a lot of commercial sites are working on the same issue and all wish to get their site preference. So, they are hiring highly paid writers skilled on SEO for their site and you will get the opportunity to work as a freelancer & earn money online.

There are not many good institutions providing professional SEO training in Dhaka. Not only in Dhaka there are no well-structured SEO training in Bangladesh. There are a large number of freelancers in Bangladesh working with web design and development. They have the potential to be the leading SEO expert. To enhance their skill we introduce SEO course in Bangladesh. Website Solutions prefer to ensure quality learning that’s why we are taking maximum nine students per batch and only one batch at a time. You can avail our SEO training in Dhaka. We even offer free support until one’s satisfaction if he finds his skill not enriched enough after completing the course. And, you need not continue our training for months. It’s a course of only 40 days duration.

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SEO training in Dhaka

and be an SEO expert. You can see our course outline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training below.
[CS] Search Engine Optimization

Course Fee and Schedules

  • Course Fee: BDT 13,000
  • Special Offer: BDT 10,000
  • Course Duration: 1.5 Months
  • Total Session: 15 X (2.5 Hours)
    • Batch No- "SEO-07" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Mon, Wed, Fri
    • Class Time: 4pm to 6:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (3 Seat Remaining)
    • Batch No- "SEO-08" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Not set yet
    • Class Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (Admission Open)
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  • Phone Number
    Hotline: +880 1991 660 550Hotline: +880 1991 660 550
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Course Outline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– What is search engine optimization?
– Search Engines, Crawlers & Bots.
– How Search Engines Work.
– Search Engine Ranking factors.
– Why Search Engine Marketing is important.
– Whitehat & Blackhat SEO.
– Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
– On-Page SEO Factors.
– Off-Page SEO Factors.
– Keywords domination.
– Selecting keyword.
– Long Tail Keywords & their importance.
– Keyword in On-Page Optimization.
– Keyword Cannibalization.
– Keyword Strategy.
– Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.
– Keyword Research Process.
– Topic Idea Generation.
– Domain Name selection.
– Content Writing Ideas.
– Keyword related content.
– Keyword Density & over optimization.
– SEO friendly Page Title.
– Meta Description Optimization.
– Meta Author, Robots Optimization.
– Geo Tags Optimization.
– SEO friendly Header (H1, H2, H3 etc).
– Content Writing & Optimization.
– Keyword Placement & Strong & Emphasis tags.
– File optimization.
– SEO friendly Link Structure.
– SEO friendly URL Structure.
– Link Title & Anchor Text Optimization.
– Inner Link & Outbound Link.
– Image Optimization for SEO.
– Image Name & Image Alt Optimization.
– Website Footer Optimization.
– CSS, Javascript & Coding optimization.
– What is link building or backlinks.
– One way linking.
– Reciprocal link.
– Nofollow & Dofollow links & their differences.
– Concept of Page Rank (PR).
– Three way link building.
– Link Signals.
– Social Sharing.
– Resources To Carry Your Link Building.
– Link Building Strategies.
– Link Exchange Site.
– Bad Ways to Build Links.
– Optimized HTML Structure.
– HTML Elements, tags & attributes.
– Understanding HTML Structural Errors.
– Validating & Optimizing HTML.
– W3C Validation.
– Website Performance and Website Age.
– Examples of Duplicate Content.
– Tools for checking Duplicates data.
– Should I Change My URLs for SEO?
– SEO Algorithm.
– Google Panda.
– Google Penguin.
– Google Hummingbird.
– What is Local SEO.
– Business listing on Google Places.
– Reviews on Google Places.
– Bing Local listing.
– What is citation.
– What is NAP.
– What is Google Webmaster?
– Thorough understanding of Google Webmaster.
– Microsoft Bing Webmaster Integration.
– Use Google Analytics.
– Report creation from Google Analytics.
– Understanding Sitemaps.
– Guidelines for Sitemaps.
– Sitemap index file.
– Sitemap extensions (video, images, News).
– Site Map Tool.
– HTML Sitemaps.
– XML Sitemaps.
– Site audit using different SEO tools.
– Website submission on different Search Engines.
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