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People often feel comfortable being a professional web designer and developer. Web design and development is a globally recognized profession. In Bangladesh, the IT sector is expanding. There is huge demand of experts in this field. But still there is no well-structured web design and development course in Bangladesh. Even the idea of web design and development is synonymous too many people. Actually there is major different between web design and development. A web designer works with the outlook and appeal of the website. Basic tools of web designing are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Creativity and imagination are the prime quality of a web designer. On the other hand, a web developer develops the inner workings like the admin control panel of a site. PHP, dot-NET, Python, C, Ruby and other programming languages are necessary for web development. A web developer must be logical and focused on technical issues. A blend of both fields will make one expert in web design and development.

Now if you are keen to have a

web design course in Bangladesh,

we are there for you. We are offering

web design and development course

along with

web design training in Bangladesh.

And, you can avail this

web design training in Dhaka.

You will even have the ideas of responsive website development using Bootstrap in our course. We will strengthen your learning through

web design tutorials,

projects and practice.

In our web design and development course, we offer you complete knowledge. Our course is carefully structured and prefixed. So, you can come prepared on what you are going to learn. You will get the details of our 24 sessions in our website. We are only taking maximum nine students per batch to ensure quality. If our two-month duration web design and development course fails to satisfy your desired level of skill, we offer free service until your satisfaction. This offer is not only for this course, but for any course you complete here. We have the confidence on both you and ourselves that once you pass through us you will be skilled enough.

[CS] Web Design and Development

Course Fee and Schedules

  • Course Fee: BDT 16,000
  • Special Offer: BDT 13,000
  • Course Duration: 2 Months
  • Total Session: 24 X (2.5 Hours)
    • Batch No- "WDD-21" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Sun, Tue, Thu
    • Class Time: 4pm to 6:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (Remaining 4 Seat)
    • Batch No- "WDD-22" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Sun, Tue, Thu
    • Class Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (Remaining 6 Seat)
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  • Phone Number
    Hotline: +880 1991 660 550Hotline: +880 1991 660 550
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Course Outline of Web Design and Development

– Concept of Web Design.
– Web Browsers Tools and Environment.
– Creating a HTML page.
– Basic Structure of HTML.
– Head Section and Elements.
– External Link Tags.
– HTML Comment, DOCTYPE and Meta Tags.
– Paragraph & Text Formatting.
– HTML Hyper links.
– HTML Attributes.
– Add HTML Images in webpage.
– Heading Tags.
– HTML Lists.
– Horizontal Ruling lines.
– HTML Color.
– Background Color.
– Specifying Font Information.
– Marquee Tag.
– HTML Table creation.
– Table Data Alignment Options.
– Table Cell Spacing & Padding.
– Merging Table cells.
– Changing Table Height & Width.
– HTML Form Creation.
– HTML Form Overview.
– HTML Form Elements.
– HTML Iframes.
– HTML5 Basics.
– HTML5 New Elements.
– HTML5 Form Elements.
– HTML5 Form Attributes.
– HTML5 Media, Video, Audio.
– Concept of CSS.
– CSS Syntax.
– External Style Sheet.
– Internal Style Sheet.
– Inline CSS Style.
– Type of Selector.
– Class Selector, ID Selector.
– Child Selector, Descendant Selector.
– Adjacent Sibling Selector.
– Attribute Selector.
– Other Selectors.
– CSS Properties.
– The letter-spacing Property.
– The word-spacing Property.
– Text Align Property.
– Line Height Property.
– CSS Box Model.
– 2 Column Layout.
– 3 Column Layout.
– CSS Border, Outline, Margin & Padding.
– CSS3 Backgrounds.
– CSS3 Round Corners.
– CSS3 Font-face.
– CSS3 Transparency.
– CSS3 Box Shadow & Text Shadow.
– CSS3 Transitions, Transform & Gradient.
– CSS3 Opacity.
– CSS3 Animations with key-frames.
– Create Interactive Button.
– Border Image.
– Box Shadow.
– Introduction to Java Scripting.
– JavaScript into HTML pages.
– JavaScript Variable.
– Basic Function.
– JavaScript Condition.
– JavaScript Loop, Events, Arrays.
– jQuery library integration.
– JQuery Animation.
– Slider with jQurey.
– Different evens function.
– Basics of Photoshop.
– Image cropping or Slicing on Photoshop.
– Creating Web-Friendly Images.
– Other Photoshop tools for Web Design.
– PSD to HTML conversion Project.
– Layout Planing.
– Webpage creation from PSD homework.
– Review and Final Build Up.
– Responsive Web Design Concept.
– CSS media query.
– Responsive CSS frameworks.
– What is Bootstrap.
– Installation of Bootstrap.
– File Structure of Bootstrap.
– Global Settings.
– Bootstrap Grid System.
– Fluid grid system.
– Icon/Glyphicons.
– Bootstrap Dropdowns.
– Bootstrap Button groups.
– Bootstrap Button dropdowns.
– Bootstrap Input groups.
– Bootstrap Navs and Navbar.
– Bootstrap Breadcrumbs.
– Bootstrap Pagination.
– Bootstrap Labels.
– Bootstrap Badges.
– Bootstrap Jumbotron.
– Bootstrap Page header.
– Bootstrap Thumbnails.
– Bootstrap Alerts.
– Bootstrap Progress bars.
– Bootstrap Media object.
– Bootstrap List group.
– Bootstrap Panels.
– Bootstrap Responsive embed.
– Bootstrap Wells.
– Review the Bootstrap framework.
– Responsive web Design project using Bootstrap.
– Xampp/Wamp Server Installation.
– What is SQL?
– What Can SQL do?
– SQL DML and DDL.
– SQL INSERT INTO Statement.
– SQL UPDATE Statement.
– SQL DELETE Statement.
– SQL Search Statement.
– SQL Joins.
– Relationship of Database.
– SQL LEFT JOIN Keyword.
– Introduction of PHP.
– PHP Installation.
– Start PHP- First page in PHP.
– Comments.
– Variable.
– Conclusion.
– Data type.
– PHP Operator and Operand.
– Conditional Statement.
– Form.
– Form Elements.
– The PHP $_GET and $_POST.
– PHP Statement & Loop.
– Conditional Statements.
– if (…else) statement.
– Switch statements.
– For Loop.
– For each Loop.
– While Loop.
– Do While Loop.
– String.
– Array.
– Function.
– File Operations.
– deleting file.
– Uploading files.
– Downloading files.
– Register session variable. – Creating a cookie.
– Project.
– Review summary.
– Exam.
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