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Why will I search for WordPress training in Dhaka? If that’s the question in your mind, let’s go through it. As of January 2015, 23% of world’s top websites are using WordPress for content management. WordPress is open-source content management system introduced in 2003. WordPress allows its users to install and switch between themes. This gives the users unique advantage of changing the outlook and functionality of their site. It also allows many plugins and device oriented modifications. That’s why WordPress is the most popular content management system and there is huge demand of freelancers with expertise in WordPress. Now you know the reason of searching WordPress training in Dhaka. WordPress is a basic knowledge for people connected with IT work. A lot of freelancers from Bangladesh are doing a great job with WordPress. And, the potentiality of building the career as IT consultant or freelancer is very high.

No idea about

how to learn WordPress?

There are some institutions providing

WordPress training in Bangladesh.

You can also learn it through

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Website Solutions is also providing

WordPress training in Dhaka.

Our training is focused on

WordPress course.

We cover from the initial to the epic contents of WordPress. It doesn’t matter either you are coming with a query of

what is WordPress

or you are interested in enriching your skill on

WordPress theme development.

Our course is designed to be helpful for both the parties.

As there are other institutions providing WordPress training in Bangladesh, why will you come to us? Our WordPress course is designed by professionals with high experience. Our WordPress training in Dhaka is dedicated for developing skilled personnel. To ensure quality we are taking maximum 9 students per batch. We want to build the long-term relationship with you. So, we are offering cost-free counseling for students even after completing our course. This includes consultancy related to any other issue like Magento eCommerce course, website design course etc. So, if you are interested in know how to learn WordPress, we are waiting for you.

[CS] WordPress Training

Course Fee and Schedules

  • Course Fee: BDT 18,000
  • Special Offer: BDT 14,000
  • Course Duration: 2 Months
  • Total Session: 24 X (2.5 Hours)
    • Batch No- "WP-14" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Mon, Fri
    • Class Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (6 Seat Remaining )
    • Batch No- "WP-15" Schedule
    • Start Date: Call us to know
    • Week Days: Not set yet
    • Class Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
    • Total Seat: 9 (Admission Open)
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  • Phone Number
    Hotline: +880 1991 660 550Hotline: +880 1991 660 550
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Course Outline of WordPress Development

– Objectives of the Course.
– What is CMS?
– What is WordPress?
– Advantages of WordPress.
– WordPress official website.
– Free WordPress Blog.
– Local server and Hosting.
– Download & install WordPress.
– WordPress Admin panel overview.
– Core WordPress Settings.
– WordPress Permalinks.
– Category and tag creation.
– WordPress blog post.
– WordPress page.
– Formatting Text.
– Inserting Image, Audio and Video.
– Categorize the topic.
– Comment moderation.
– Spam Comment control.
– Post Via Email.
– Menu Creation and use.
– What is WP Theme?
– Finding & Installing Themes.
– Theme Settings.
– Change WordPress Theme.
– What is Plugin?
– Plugin installation.
– Plugin customization.
– Adding a Contact Form.
– Adding a Photo Gallery.
– Adding Slideshow.
– WordPress Hooks, Loops & Filters.
– Simple HTML and PHP modification.
– Simple CSS modification.
– Adding a Logo.
– Changing the admin Logo.
– Contact page customization.
– SEO friendly design.
– Creating a Static Page.
– Displaying Photos and Galleries.
– Adding Video into Blog Posts.
– Adding Audio into Blog Posts.
– Understanding Custom Fields.
– Working with Custom Fields.
– WordPress Templates overview.
– Creating Different Page Views.
– Custom Styles for Category and Tag Posts.
– Customize Ready WordPress Themes.
– Changing Background Graphic.
– Changing Header Graphic.
– Personalizing Theme with CSS.
– Changing Elements for a Unique Look.
– Anatomy of a WordPress Theme.
– Examining the Default Theme.
– Exploring Premium Theme Options.
– Template Tags, Values, and Parameters.
– New Widget area creation.
– Customizing Blog Posts with Template Tags.
– HTML to WordPress Conversion.
– Understanding of WP theme works.
– Introducing Template files structure.
– Breaking up the HTML.
– Implement the header section.
– Building the menu design.
– Implement the sidebar design.
– Building Content Area.
– Implement the footer design.
– Custom Homepage Template creation.
– Creating single post page.
– WordPress User management.
– WordPress Post And Page Advance.
– WordPress Widget Advanced.
– WordPress Theme and Plugins Advanced.
– Sidebar and footer widget.
– Customizing Widget and Sidebar.
– Online shop with WordPress.
– Overview of WP e-Commerce.
– Configuring Your Store.
– Adding Products.
– Google analytic setup.
– Boost SEO Results (All-In-One SEO).
– Test Website Performance.
– Speed Up Your Site (W3 Total Cache).
– Security, Updates & Backups.
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